New FREE SIL-U course Available Now: Spore Wars-Managing Mycotoxins in Sub-Saharan Africa!

Dear members of the MYTOX-SOUTH® community,

We are thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting new course that focuses on mycotoxins and their control for food safety: Spore Wars. As the demand for food continues to rise in an ever-changing world, ensuring food safety has become more crucial than ever. Mycotoxins, produced by fungi, pose a significant threat to human and animal health, as well as global food security.

Spore Wars Online Course

In Sub-Saharan Africa, the vulnerability to mycotoxin contamination in food and feed is particularly high due to favorable climatic conditions for fungal growth and inadequate storage and processing facilities. Staple crops like maize, groundnuts, and sorghum can become contaminated with mycotoxins, leading to detrimental health effects such as stunting, immune suppression, and even cancer.

Recognizing the urgency to address this issue, the Soybean Innovation Lab Nutrition team, in collaboration with Ghent University, has developed the Spore Wars course. This groundbreaking course aims to empower farmers, food processors, and researchers with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively manage mycotoxins and ensure food safety.

The Spore Wars course has been carefully crafted by leading experts from Ghent University, the University of Florida, and MYTOX-SOUTH®. It offers a comprehensive curriculum that combines theoretical insights with practical applications, equipping you with the latest techniques to safeguard the safety and integrity of our food supply.

One of the remarkable aspects of the Spore Wars course is its accessibility. As part of SIL-University’s online training platform, the course is completely free, allowing learners to study at their own pace. Moreover, successful completion of the course will earn you a certificate, recognizing your dedication and expertise in promoting food safety.

By enrolling in the Spore Wars course, you will not only enhance your own understanding of mycotoxins but also join a vibrant international community of over 3,500 learners who share a common goal of ensuring food safety in their respective communities. This platform provides an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and foster collaborations.

We invite you to visit the Soybean Innovation Lab website to access the Spore Wars course and embark on this transformative learning journey.  Together, let us equip ourselves with the necessary skills to combat mycotoxins and safeguard the well-being of our communities.

Thank you for your unwavering support and commitment to promoting food safety. We look forward to seeing you in the Spore Wars course! Please spread the word in your network!


The ongoing global pandemic has necessitated the African Society of Mycotoxicology (ASM) together with MYTOX-SOUTH® to postpone the 3rd ASM joint MYTOX-SOUTH® conference to April 2022 in Stellenbosch, South Africa. This conference will strengthen the global knowledge on mycotoxins, extend the cooperative network and promote the sharing & development of mycotoxin management technologies & strategies. Therefore, on behalf of ASM and MYTOX-SOUTH®, we welcome all delegates from research institutes, industry and government and we look forward to your participation in the upcoming conference. For more information check the ASM-website.

WORKSHOP on “Trouble-shooting in mycotoxin detection” during ASM-MYTOX-SOUTH Stellenbosch Conference: TRAVEL GRANT

MYTOX-SOUTH aims to increase human capacity in mycotoxin research & development, focusing on low-and middle income countries to tackle the mycotoxin problem and the associated food safety & food security issues. In this way, MYTOX-SOUTH organizes together with the African Society of Mycotoxicology (ASM) an international mycotoxin conference in Stellenbosch (South-Africa) in September 2020 (visit the link).
The Organizing Committee programmed a special session in the conference-outline for technical staff-members and researchers. This hands-on “Trouble-shooting session for mycotoxin detection” will be used to discuss and solve the most important technical challenges present during mycotoxin analysis (sample preparation, analysis methods and data processing). For this reason, MYTOX-SOUTH makes a call to receive from technical staff-members and researchers specific technical challenges which they encounter in their respective laboratories/analysis protocols during their mycotoxin analysis. Most of the technical challenges received will be discussed during the special session in the conference and session organizers (MYTOX-SOUTH technical staff from Ghent University) will explain how to solve them. Moreover, MYTOX-SOUTH is glad to announce that among the received application, three travel grants to attend the 3rd African Symposium on Mycotoxicology will be distributed. The grants offer an unique opportunity to improve the technical skills and mycotoxin knowledge as well as to establish a great professional experience. Deadline March 16th 2020 – use following templates to apply.

Call for application_TechnicalChallengesWorkshop_Stellenbosch2020


WORLD BANK: Inauguration ACEMFS in Nigeria

MYTOX-SOUTH is happy to announce the launch of the African Centre of Excellence for Mycotoxin and Food Safety last week in Nigeria. Soon more news on our joint work and future plans!

!!! 3rd ASM joint MYTOX-SOUTH conference !!!

The African Society of Mycotoxicology (ASM) together with MYTOX-SOUTH is proud to announce the 3rd African Symposium on Mycotoxicology joint MYTOX-SOUTH conference. Due to COVID19 the conforence will be postponed to 11 to 14 April 2021 in Stellenbosch, South Africa. This high-level conference will be a platform for academic exchange between researchers, government & industry. It aims to strengthen the global knowledge on mycotoxins, extend the cooperative network, promote the sharing & development of mycotoxin management technologies & strategies. Therefore, on behalf of ASM and MYTOX-SOUTH, we welcome all delegates and look forward to your participation in the upcoming conference. More information can be found on the ASM-website.


MYTOX-SOUTH on the radio

From 8 to 10 October 2018, the Max Rubner Conference 2018 on ‘Fungi and Mycotoxins in Foods’ was held. Prof. De Saeger was asked to give an interview on mycotoxins. You can listen to the intervention of Prof. De Saeger via this link.

MYTOX-SOUTH: call short-term traineeships 2020 – OPEN!

MYTOX-SOUTH tries to strengthen the human capacity of partners in the South to mentor a new breed of innovators and young researchers. For this reason, MYTOX-SOUTH announces their 2nd call for research traineeships for PhD students for MYTOX-SOUTH partners. The traineeships offer an unique opportunity to use the expertise and (instrumental) facilities from the laboratories (North partners), and to establish a great professional experience.
The traineeship period includes a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 6 months at a Northern partner Institute. The traineeship has to be done in 2020 (starting mid February 2019). Three traineeship grants can be offered in case multiple high-level applications are received, however the period will be shortened (≤ 3 months). On the other hand, if only 1 traineeship grant will selected, the fund will be awarded for a longer training period (> 3 months). When the traineeship is for a 6 months-stay in Ghent, Ghent University offers the opportunity to get a Joint PhD with the home-University. Deadline August 30th 2019!

More information: Traineeship MYTOX-SOUTH applicationCall for application 2020

Three OPEN PhD vacancies within the framework of MYTOX-SOUTH

In the framework of MYTOX-SOUTH, we offer three new PhD-positions for the project MYCO-SAFE SOUTH funded by EU LEAP-AGRI. More information can be found via this link MycoSafe-South PhD scholarships

Welcome to new partners!

MYTOX-SOUTH welcomes two highly qualified Southern professionals in mycotoxin research:
– the University of Medical Sciences (UNIMED) (Nigeria) – respresented by Yemisi Jeff-Agboola
– the North West University (South-Africa) – represented by Mwanza Mulunda

When you are interested to join our partnership, feel free to send your CV and motivation to