WORLD BANK: Inauguration ACEMFS in Nigeria

MYTOX-SOUTH is happy to announce the launch of the African Centre of Excellence for Mycotoxin and Food Safety last week in Nigeria. Soon more news on our joint work and future plans!

!!! 3rd ASM joint MYTOX-SOUTH conference !!!

The African Society of Mycotoxicology (ASM) together with MYTOX-SOUTH is proud to announce the 3rd African Symposium on Mycotoxicology joint MYTOX-SOUTH conference to take place from 6 to 9 September, 2020 in Stellenbosch, South Africa. This high-level conference will be a platform for academic exchange between researchers, government & industry. It aims to strengthen the global knowledge on mycotoxins, extend the cooperative network, promote the sharing & development of mycotoxin management technologies & strategies. Therefore, on behalf of ASM and MYTOX-SOUTH, we welcome all delegates and look forward to your participation in the upcoming conference. More information can be found via the first announcement or the ASM-website.


MYTOX-SOUTH on the radio

From 8 to 10 October 2018, the Max Rubner Conference 2018 on ‘Fungi and Mycotoxins in Foods’ was held. Prof. De Saeger was asked to give an interview on mycotoxins. You can listen to the intervention of Prof. De Saeger via this link.

MYTOX-SOUTH: call short-term traineeships 2020 – OPEN!

MYTOX-SOUTH tries to strengthen the human capacity of partners in the South to mentor a new breed of innovators and young researchers. For this reason, MYTOX-SOUTH announces their 2nd call for research traineeships for PhD students for MYTOX-SOUTH partners. The traineeships offer an unique opportunity to use the expertise and (instrumental) facilities from the laboratories (North partners), and to establish a great professional experience.
The traineeship period includes a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 6 months at a Northern partner Institute. The traineeship has to be done in 2020 (starting mid February 2019). Three traineeship grants can be offered in case multiple high-level applications are received, however the period will be shortened (≤ 3 months). On the other hand, if only 1 traineeship grant will selected, the fund will be awarded for a longer training period (> 3 months). When the traineeship is for a 6 months-stay in Ghent, Ghent University offers the opportunity to get a Joint PhD with the home-University. Deadline August 30th 2019!

More information: Traineeship MYTOX-SOUTH applicationCall for application 2020

Three OPEN PhD vacancies within the framework of MYTOX-SOUTH

In the framework of MYTOX-SOUTH, we offer three new PhD-positions for the project MYCO-SAFE SOUTH funded by EU LEAP-AGRI. More information can be found via this link MycoSafe-South PhD scholarships

Welcome to new partners!

MYTOX-SOUTH welcomes two highly qualified Southern professionals in mycotoxin research:
– the University of Medical Sciences (UNIMED) (Nigeria) – respresented by Yemisi Jeff-Agboola
– the North West University (South-Africa) – represented by Mwanza Mulunda

When you are interested to join our partnership, feel free to send your CV and motivation to


Project in collaboration with University of Johannesburg

To date, MYTOX-SOUTH is investigating the mycotoxin exposure in Limpopo (South-Africa) in collaboration with the University of Johannesburg, represented by Prof. Patrick Njobeh. As part of this collaboration, Orphélie Lootens, who is a master student at Ghent University, carried out food & biosampling in South-Africa. In the following weeks, she will analyze these samples in the Laboratory of Food Analysis at Ghent University. Orphélie is co-working with a master student from the University of Johannesburg, Shandry Tebele. This approach, in which two master students from different locations work together, is unique and is an example of good practice for future projects in MYTOX-SOUTH.
The results of this study will permit to assess the mycotoxin exposure for the Limpopo population, and evaluate the best strategies to reduce mycotoxin intake in this region of South-Africa.

Short stays & internships at Ghent University

During the winter, a large amount of young researchers from Southern partners visited our facilities present in Ghent University. The main aim of their stay was to start their PhD-study, to improve the quality of their studies and to get a valuable training on several aspects in relation to mycotoxin research.
Our motivated visitors and students were:

  • Dayana Sosa Pacheco & Brizeidi Peña Suarez from Cuba
  • Addisalem Mesfin, Kokeb Tesfamariam & Masresha Tessema from Ethiopia
  • Victor Kagot from Kenya
  • Al Ibrahim Traore from Burkina Faso
  • Salma Ouhibi from Tunisia

10th World Mycotoxin Forum

MYTOX-SOUTH was present at the 10th World Mycotoxin Forum held in Amsterdam (12-14 March 2018). The conference offered excellent opportunities to network, share ideas, and formulate recommendations and conclusions on how to close knowledge gaps on taking mycotoxin control to the next level.
Several members of MYTOX-SOUTH attended the conference, and it was a good occasion to strengthen our professional relationships. Moreover, a poster entitled “MYTOX-SOUTH: an intercontinental partnership to improve food security and food safety in developing countries” was presented at the conference. The poster aimed to share the partnership future goals as well as to detail all our members.

Mycotoxin seminar 22/02/2018 in Harare, Zimbabwe

On Thursday 22 February 2018, MYTOX-SOUTH organized a food-safety workshop in Harare (The Rainbow Towers, Zimbabwe). The theme of the workshop was “Mycotoxins: the hidden threat to human health in Zimbabwe”. This workshop was funded by RANDOX Laboratories and the Ghent University Global Minds Fund.

MYTOX-SOUTH had an active participation in this one-day workshop by lectures of Dr. Sarah De Saeger, Dr. Loveness Nyanga & Dr. Marthe De Boevre. Furthermore, Dr. Melody Ndemera disseminated the results of her PhD in Ghent University entitled: “Human dietary exposure to mycotoxins in Zimbabwe and related risk assessment and management”. Invited speakers included Prof. Mashiri, Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe; Mr. Dewah, Principal Director Academic Affairs of the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary education, science and technology development; and Dr. Gadzikwa, Director General of the Standards Association of Zimbabwe. The Honorary Consul of Belgium in Zimbabwe, Mr. Jean Gonçalves supported the event through his presence. UGent representatives and speakers were Prof. Sarah De Saeger and Dr. Marthe De Boevre. In addition, the conference was highly mediatized through the presence of the Zimbabwean press. All Zimbabwean stakeholders (academia, industry, government) involved in agriculture and public health issues gathered at this unique event in Zimbabwe. The major objective was to advocate for a modification of the current legislation on mycotoxins in Zimbabwe, and to develop an appropriate risk management policy anchored on scientific evidence.