Networking through collaboration is key in human capacity building. Strengthening the human capacity of partners in the South is essential to mentor a new breed of innovators and young researchers whose expertise is intimately tied to health outcomes. MYTOX-SOUTH starts by training, student/staff exchange programs and Joint PhDs which can contribute to an increased capacity of partners in the South and the identification of new research areas to reduce mycotoxin risks, to transfer knowledge on several detection techniques, to ameliorate pre- and post-harvest practices by using mycotoxin binders, biological control agents and other intervention techniques, to assess the risks when consumers are exposed to mycotoxins, et cetera.

Every year MYTOX-SOUTH will launch a call for short-term stays (max. 6 months). The scholarships for short-term stays at Ghent university labs will be provided to researchers from the South aiming to finalize a (Joint) PhD or performing research, requiring specialized equipment at UGent necessary for (a) co-publication(s).
Scholarships for short-term stays at Ghent university partner labs with following objectives: finalizing a (Joint) PhD or performing research requiring specialised equipment at Ghent university necessary for (a) co-publication(s).  Candidates will be selected by the MYTOX-SOUTH International Steering Committee on basis of CV and established criteria.
The call is now OPEN until 30/11/2017, 5 pm.

Please check eligibility criteria and fill in the following document.